The album "Welcome" is now released!

 "Welcome" is an album dedicated to the sound of the vintage years of the 70's and 80's.  With titles like "I'm Just A Bluesman", "Oh My! Oh My!", "I Am A Fool" and "BB Queen" Rolly demonstrated that the root of his music comes from the blues.  While songs like "Welcome To My Eagle Nest" and "As We Live, So We Die" have a more classic sound of ballads as Rolly can write so well.  He did a backslide in arranging again a song 60 years old from his late uncle Jack and produced "You And I", a jazzy type of ballad from the middle of the last century.  This album is a collection of sounds and moods, which will make you feel good. 

You can listen to the tracks on this site and download them.  Tell your friends, relatives, neighbors, peers, teachers, pupils, butcher, and whoever!   Enjoy!

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