Get Rolly for Valentines Day!

PRESS RELEASE 2016-02-13:
Rolly's album "It Won't Change a Thing" will be released worldwide in all major online stores for Valentines Day!  This is his first album in 2016, with a mix of Country-Rock, ballads and some beats to surprise you.   The song "The Trails of my Life" has already be downloaded by many fans from Rolly's web site,  and if you drive while listening to "Burn the Floor Tonight" be careful, you may push a little to hard on the gas pedal and get a ticket, this Rockabilly song will make you drop your shoes and burn the floor!  The Title song  "It Won't Change a Thing" is a Country-Funk , which is not the most common type of Country song you can hear!  So with this mix of styles, sounds, beats and lyrics you will definitely appreciate the creativity and personality of this great Canadian artist.  Enjoy and share with your friends.
Available on the label Eagle Nest Music.

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